Welcome to Homsofa!

Welcome to Homsofa! We are a sofa repair specialists. We mainly focused on providing high- quality Sofa and Sofa Repair Service to our customers. Our focus on sofa repair initiated a year ago!

We all love to make memories and restore them for forever, it can be personalized, product anything. But the product gets spoilt with time, the same thing happened with furnitures. And they are the best part of your home, which make your home perfect.

Homsofa started in the year 2015 by Tousif Pasha. To provide great quality services to every one of our customers. Our essential ray of vision and initiative falls on refurbishing old furniture that will last for a lifetime. Our goal is to build a strong relationship with our customers and provide them with a cost-efficient, effective and high-quality services.

With our services, you are assured to get the best quality repair service within a budget. Our careful guidance and expertise, add a spark of renewed life to your old and dull sofas. And we focus on providing a tension free service to our customers.